Industry 4.0 for Physical inventory


  1.  Issues faced by the client
  2. What we have analyzed
  3. How we resolve the issue & Solution Provided


Issues faced by client

  1. Physical Inventory is cumbersome and it is time consuming process
  2. Creation of Batch is manual.
  3. Tag distribution & tag writing takes supervision and training
  4. Tags written by hand are not giving aesthetic impact
  5. Barcodes sticker need to print separately
  6. The tags written entry need to transfer on excel for recording
  7. Tag cancellation process is tedious
  8. There are more than one location which are with limited manpower & their inventory status can be tracked through online
  9. Physical inventory was causing production stoppage of 8-10 days


What we have analyzed

  1. Industry 4.0 for Physical inventory was not present
  2. The PI process is required to be lean
  3. Production time lost due to physical inventory is major challenge.
  4. Batch can be created automatically
  5. Tags can be printed automatically
  6. Barcode tags can be printed on location itself with mobile printer
  7. In order to save time, use of mobile app can give user a upper hand
  8. Need PI report
  9. Remote location means internet can provide a correct output


Solution Proposed & Implemented

  1. We have created a web based application which can be accessed anywhere
  2. Batch can be created from the web app. Tag nos. can be allotted to this batch & assigned to person who is taking inventory for this batch. Auditor will also linked to this batch
  3. We have developed a mobile app called Ekatm PI which can be installed on the person who is taking inventory.
  4. The batch allotted will be visible to respective person on the Ekatm App.
  5. Bluetooth Printer is provided to every user & it will be connected through Ekatm App.
  6. User will go in warehouse, check the Item Code & count the item. Feed this data in mobile app, enter location & click on print.
  7. Bluetooth printer simply print the Barcode Tag sticker by getting instruction from mobile App.
  8. Provision of batch printing is also available


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