Good Luck Modular Kitchen

The Client

Good Luck is one of the most eminent dealer and assembler of modular kitchen in Mumbai & Pune region. Good Luck has three showrooms set up with over 10+ Sales person, 200+ dealer and 50+ architects. They have a wide range of products, which not only includes Baskets and Shutters but also Hardware Accessories, Appliances, Chimney, Hobs made by well-known top class German Brands like Hettich, Hafele, Blum, Kaff, Faber, and many more. They are one of the best modular kitchen suppliers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune. They have moved from selling PRODUCT to selling SERVICE with their motto being Quality Comes First.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system which aims at improving the relationship with existing customers and finding new prospective customers. The CRM software helps in collecting, organizing, and managing the customer information. Implementing a CRM strategy is advantageous to both small-scale and large-scale business ventures.

The ultimate purpose of CRM, like any organizational initiative, is to increase profit. In the case of CRM this is achieved mainly by providing a better service to your customers than your competitors. CRM not only improves the service to customers though; a good CRM capability will also reduce costs, wastage, and complaints.

The Objective

To see the pain area of client before installing CRM.

In order to streamline the sales process, it is crucial to find the clients pain points prior to installing the CRM software. The client finds it very difficult to manage their sales team. Initially the employees were doing lot of paper work for their daily work but were unable to work on all the hot leads or the important data, some leads were missed while some were not taken forward on proper date which lead to great loss to the company’s revenue. Also, post sales process like complaint, AMC etc. were not managed properly. In Sales sector, employees are not too stable which leads to major loss of data when an employee leaves the organization. Whereas the new joiner has to start from scratch which is loss of time and effort. The management were not able to judge their employees as at the time of review no accurate report or data about their employee’s performance were not generated.

Target achieved

The company had implemented a successful web marketing strategy and was receiving leads daily through the web channel. Initially, the sales consultants manually entered these leads into Excel for follow up. This process was time consuming and prone to error – some data was not captured, and the valuable time of the consultants was wasted performing data entry tasks. As a result, the business was unable to keep pace with the quantity of leads. After Implementing CRM software all the leads with accurate data was centralized and manual entry work was decreased.

We have also customized the MIS reports as per the client requirement. With this the top management found it very easy to evaluate the performance of the Sales team.  Complaints were monitored and sales engineers were assigned work leading to timely closure of complaints.

  • Improved customer relations

One of the prime benefits of using a CRM is obtaining better customer satisfaction. By using this strategy, all dealings involving servicing, marketing, and selling your products to the customers can be carried out in an organized and systematic way. We have provided better services to customers through improved understanding of their issues and this in turn helps in increasing customer loyalty and decreasing customer agitation. In this way, the client also received continuous feedback from the customers regarding their products and services. It is also possible that the customers recommend you to their acquaintances, when we provide efficient and satisfactory services.

  • Increase customer revenues

By using a CRM strategy, the client was able to increase the revenue of the company to a great extent.

  • Maximize upselling and cross-selling

A CRM system allows up-selling which is the practice of giving customers premium products that fall in the same category of their purchase. The strategy also facilitates cross selling which is the practice of offering complementary products to customers, on the basis of their previous purchases. This is done by interacting with the customers and getting an idea about their wants, needs, and patterns of purchase. The details thus obtained will be stored in a central database, which is accessible to all company executives. So, when an opportunity is spotted, the executives can promote their products to the customers, thus maximizing up-selling and cross selling.

  • Optimize marketing

With the help of CRM, you will be able to understand your customer needs and behavior, thereby allowing you to identify the correct time to market your product to the customers. CRM will also give you an idea about the most profitable customer groups, and by using this information you will be able to target similar prospective groups, at the right time. In this way, you will be able to optimize your marketing resources efficiently. You can also be ensured that you don’t waste your time on less profitable customer groups.

The Benefits to the Client

Hot leads coming from the marketing campaign were immediately and automatically entered into the CRM system. The error-free and timely entry also ensured that all data has been captured as per the client’s requirement. Marketing leads generated by Google AdWords campaigns could be flagged as such. This allows the marketing and communications team the ability to measure the campaign using the facilities provided by the CRM.

Customer Relationship Management systems are also important to the top management because it provides crucial data like customer satisfaction and efficiency of service by the frontline crews. A piece of customer relationship management software will also be able to generate the needed reports for product development or new concepts. Furthermore, this system will also be a great help for the top management in deciding the company’s future course of action, whether it involves phasing out one of the products on the shelves or making adjustments to one of the products sold.

The Results

After the successful implementation of the system, the client has continued to process high volumes of daily leads and has successfully launched and tracked many more web campaigns. All of the details of the campaign are safely stored inside the CRM system for analysis.

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