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CRM Software for Small Business

CRM systems help the organization in identifying potential customers.

Customer Relationship Management systems help the businesses manage their customer relationships by offering a central location to accumulate the present and historical information, automate the business operations, and effectively communicate with the clients in an opportune manner. The Customer Relationship Management implementation solution is the biggest advantage for any business as it helps improvise and maintain strong customer relationship.

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Ekatm CRM Modules

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Management Reports

Management Reports features executive performance overview, call follow-up and allows daily prospect entry and also shows the user login time information.

Performance Reports

Gives an performance overview and also provides closed and lost order analysis. It also features special price request analysis along with order closure analysis for product.

Request for Report

Request for reports on demo and prebid. Also make requests for quotations as well as duplicate prospect. It also includes lost order analysis and special price request.

Management Reports

Customer service and support allows to register complaint through email and telephone. Once Complaint is registered , system generates ticket number.

Competitor Information

Competitor information provides a extensive comparison of the competitors product. It also includes our pitch for competition.

Special Features

Why Ekatm CRM ?

  • Maximize your control on the business workflow by using only one system to manage the business in an efficient manner.
  • The modern system offering comprehensive features and insightful information help you work more efficiently and lead to better results.
  • Get access to information at anytime from anywhere on any device.
  • Enhance the quality of customer service with better access to the customer information.

CRM Call Log Module

Employee Movement

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