Vritti is a leading company that offers high-end IT solutions for the retailers.Our highly-configurable and high-quality software solutions….


We at Vritti, offer personalized manufacturing software solutions that are intended to remove all the major barriers in the way of managing the manufacturing….


The implementation of smart software solutions has today become indispensable for logistics companies for automating the Distribution and Logistics….


In the public sector, there is the need for smart and powerful systems that help to make their business operations more transparent….

Travel & Tourism

The travel& tourism market has become more competitive than ever. If you are in the Travel and Tourism Industry, then it is crucial for you….

Banking & Insurance

Seeing the changing needs of the customers and delivering state-of-the-art service the banks and insurance companies are adopting….


In Pharmaceutical the scope of the operations entailed receipt, storage, picking and packing, delivery as well as collection from hospitals Products focused….

Food & Beverage

Our food & Beverage software is efficient to handling the different operations and ensure to maximize the efficiency and reduce the potential….

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