Reasons Why Brands Repeatedly Choose to Marketing

Reasons Why Brands Repeatedly Choose to Marketing.

The success of a marketing agency lies in two things; how creatively it can think and how innovatively it can implement the ideas.A company like Vritti Imedia fulfills both the criteria effectively. No wonder, it has made a distinguished place in the field of rural marketing.

Vritti can boast about several successful marketing ideas delivered in the past, but the idea of Bus terminal Advertising in India is really unique and incredible.
It is not only an altogether different concept, but it is highly successful as well. Nobody thought about using bus stands for advertising ever before!

What is it all about?

The idea of Bus Stand Announcement Advertising makes a bus stand an important profit center. It contributes to the top lines of clients who use this medium to promote their products and services.It is quite simple yet effective concept. It uses the central announcement system of bus stands as the advertising medium. Hence, the content is uniform everywhere.Several states of India have centralized communication system. It connects the bus stands spread across the state. Just like Railway Announcement system, it conveys the information of bus arrivals and departures.

Why is bus stand advertising so lucrative idea?

When Vritti Imedia, one of the best Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai launched the idea, it was immediately taken by clients because of its practicality and effectiveness.It is a concept which is backed up by thorough research.
Bus stands are the second most visited places daily after Railway Stations. Hence, the reach of advertising is enormous.Advertising through Bus Stand announcement is a cost-effective idea that puts less pressure on profitability.
Since visitors pay full attention to the bus announcement, there is no chance to overhear the advertising message by them. It is the reason behind the grand success.It is an innovative, useful and apt rural marketing campaign that reaches to a widespread audience.

Btl activation agencies in Mumbai aims to drive customer action through brand interaction and experience. In other words, they want to run marketing campaigns that drive action from the consumers.Bus stand announcement advertising is greatly successful in achieving the objective described above. It is the reason; clients choose it as the preferred marketing tool.

The grand success of it brings Vritti Imedia among the most successful marketing companies in the country.

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