Veerendra Jamdade

Veerendra Jamdade

Founder & CEO

Mr. Veerendra Jamdade is the Founder, Senior Entrepreneur and ‘Thought Leader’ of Vritti Group of Companies.

Along with his team, he founded Vritti Solutions in the year 2005. Having an experience of 33 years, he has always focused introducing breakthrough technology in the semi-rural and rural areas of India. Coming from an agricultural background and being qualified in Electricals, he sowed the seed of helping urban and rural people to grow their business through innovative IT solutions like AdatSoft and PetroSoft. Nonetheless, he wanted to cater to the SMEs through Ekatm ERP and Simplify Practice. His idea of creating a unique audio medium, the Audiowala Bus Stand has today emerged as an impactful and cost-effective platform for brands to mass promote their products and services.

In 2007, he spearheaded the ISO process and streamlined the processes with innovation and creativity.

Mr. Jamdade has worked for MNCs like SKF Bearings and EDS. He is a true visionary in the rural marketing and IT space, which has enabled Vritti to win recognized awards at the CII, RMAI, WOW, ACEF and Outdoor Asia.

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