Shivaji Bedre

Shivaji Bedre

VP –Sales and Marketing

Shivaji Bedre currently serves as the Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Vritti Solutions Limited. An astute Sales expert with 18 years of experience in Sales & Marketing in IT enabled Product Sales/ Service Industry, in the areas of driving business results in Rural Marketing, Digital OOH, Audio and Audio Visual Advertisement, Business Development, Brand Marketing and Product Management, Operations, Media Planning and Media Relations, Retail and Enterprise Software sales.

Highly self-driven and motivated individual who is associated with Vritti Solutions Limited since 2007. His application of business acumen in media and software solutions has led to exponential growth in Vritti’s business and created results based on customer centricity in Sales and Marketing operations. Over the period of time he has handled micro to macro level, geographically scattered campaigns for product demonstrations, social media activations at events, govt. welfare schemes and rural marketing campaigns.Linkedin

He has been instrumental in building Vritti from a small agency to one of the prominent and front line media organization for advertising, rural marketing, brand management and well known software sales company in the country with strong sense of commitment to organization building. He holds a PGDM degree in Marketing from prestigious institution.

His vision is that through consultative approach and mind-sharing, true strategic partnerships can be established with wide-ranging businesses which can use a variety of available media solutions and business automation to grow and to establish a brand name and value. This helps businesses to grow rapidly which contributes in employment creation leading to nation development as well.

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