Audiowala bus stand is India’s Largest Audio Network at a Transit place with Captive audience from small towns and Rural Mass medium that reaches media dark areas. It’s a Computerized Passenger announcement cum Information system (PAS/PIS) which announces the Bus arrival and departure at the State transport Bus stands (This is similar to Railway announcements which your hear while waiting at railway station/ platforms)

Small Town and Rural are important focus for Brands and Bus Stations are the most important congregation places when it comes to small town and rural, Hence promotion and publicity at Audiowala Bus Stand needs to be a part of Media Plan.

We are present in 300+ locations across 7 states (Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana).

Total reach of this medium is 350 Million people per month.

The client Ad’s or jingle run in between the Bus arrival and departure announcement’s .The Ad’s given by the client are scheduled and released from central server (Datacentre) and the advertisements get played as per the schedule.

It is the only medium where you cannot switch channels with remote control and you need to compulsorily listen to the content and also the core content is the Bus arrival and departure announcements which the passenger will never miss and thereby making the Advertisement through this system the best way of promoting your product/service or creating a top of the mind recall for the brand

Ideal Jingle duration should be 20seconds, as continuous hearing capacity of a person cannot stretch beyond the same.

The ideal repetition for Jingle should be 20-32 repetitions per day (2 repetitions per hour)ie Jingle getting played every 30 mins.

We accept jingles from clients (to be prepared as per the guidelines of Vritti) or we have our in house creative team to deliver cost effective content in local language and local dialect which is very important when it comes to reaching Rural TG.

  • It should have attention grabber at the beginning.
  • It should have multiple repetitions of the brand(at least 4-5 times in 30sec)
  • It should be less musical and more messages oriented (light Music only in background or at the end).
  • The jingle should end with the brand name and the punch line.

The format we accept is MP4.

Audiowala bus stand is Digital Audio medium and we also have 42” LED screens at some of the Bus stations where we display the Bus announcements. When you are waiting at Bus station (for average 30 mins) your entire attention is on the bus arrival and departure announcements making the audio more relevant compared to Video. When you go to Toilet at the Bus stand also you will pay attention to the audio. The Video only complements the audio.

Yes. We can customize the jingle according to the location.

Yes. We can schedule multiple jingles at same location

Advertisement content is received from the customer and delivered to the network locations through technology developed in-house by Vritti. The technology is completely secure and time tested.

Yes the content could be changed dynamically depending on the TG and Location.

  • We provide system generated advt. released confirmation report within 2-3 Days from start date.
  • Joint visit with client within 7 days from the campaign date to check the audio quality and sound level and corrective changes if any in the content.
  • Post that client can audit with its team
  • We have come out with IVR number where we can dial the number and listen to Bus stand live(For more details Pls. contact Vritti)
  • At the end of the campaign or on a monthly basis along with Invoice we provide all the clients a detailed Jingle wise and Station wise report ( advertisement statement)

We have our own infrastructure support. We have dedicated servers at our control room in our office, These servers have adequate back-up and disaster management arrangements for 100% up-time.We have set up un-failing battery backup systems that ensure 16 hours performance.

The ideal Campaign duration must be 3 Months for proper recall with the TG. Duration could be increased for better result. The campaign can be done a single station or set of stations based on packages. And if you are doing less than 3 months period we recommend repetition 3 – 4 times in an hour.

Bus stand is one place in a town where there is crowd throughout the day. Only afternoon is the lean time where the crowd count is bit less.

We have state wise package, Zone wise, district wise, Taluka wise.

Customer can select a single station as well.

The ST Bus stands are the biggest congregation point in small towns and rural and the most effective mode to reach rural parts of India. The average waiting time in a Bus station is approximately 30 mins and we have a floating population wherein every 30 mins the passenger changes and hence advertising through Audiowala bus stand reaches new set of people and hence advertising here delivers full value.

AC Nilesen report study on Bus stations: http://www.vrittiimedia.com/research-findings/

ST Buses are the buses travelling distances from one town to another and one city to another and these buses have 30 min frequency difference so obviously people travelling through these buses have to wait at bus stations to catch it on time.

People waiting at bus station listen carefully to the arrival and departure announcements, and our advertisements are organized in between these important announcements so by default passengers listen to these advertisements and sitting for long is boring, where Audio Wala Bu stand plays important role of entertainment for the passengers.

Yes the research was done by NC Nielson, Please find below the link to download the research findings –


We have kept an eye on the market’s requirement to deliver the best service. And rural TG’s Congregation point could not be better than ST Bus station as you can tap each and every age group TG.

No media can assure100% results. But we can assure of creating Brand Consciousness amongst the masses, results depend on the creativity of your jingle.

You can give your contact number or toll free number.

We can do a Audio Wala Bus Station study as well to measure the results.

This is called the Audio-Led activations inside Bus stations. Along with Audio campaign we can carry out engagement activity by putting canopy inside select Bus stations. In some bus stations we have tie-up with canteen, General stores, newspaper stall and other shops. This make it truly 360 campaign where we can do communicate, engage and experience for the brand

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