Audiowala Bus Stand- India’s Largest Audio Network

Audiowala Bus Stand is the Largest Digital OOH Network of India, helping brands to communicate to the mass at transit locations. Following are the features of Audiowala Bus Stand, our unique media property-

1. You are advertising on India’s largest Audio Network

2. A mass medium that reaches India’s vast “media dark” rural and semi-rural market

3. Powerful audio and audio-visual medium that provides excellent brand penetration and recall

4. Present across 500+ Bus Stands of 7 major states of India- Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh & Haryana

5. Guaranteed 100% customer engagement rate as your messaging cannot be avoided

6. Most affordable platform for mass promotion. Only 1 Paise per person!

7. A golden opportunity to reach 13 Million people across the nation

8. 200+ Corporates and 3000+ SMEs are already using this medium

9. Advertiser’s messages/ brand promotions coupled with bus departure announcements

10. Can establish a direct connection as the brand can promote in the native language and dialect

11. Audio advertisements are aired from 6 am to 10 pm daily at bus stations

12. Advertisement is heard across 100 meter periphery of the bus station

13. Advertisement release is controlled and monitored from Vritti iMedia’s central control room, which is in Pune, Maharashtra

14. An IT controlled medium that cannot be tampered manually, making it the most secured platform for advertising

15. Assuring a footfall of 25-40K each day at each bus station

16. Quick form of Advertising

17. A unique combination of audio ads and technology

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