Audiowala Bus Stand played a crucial role in stopping the virus in rural Rajasthan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. This disease causes
respiratory illness with symptoms such as a cough, fever, and in more severe cases may cause

With such a highly contagious virus it becomes imperative for governments across states to
reach out to the masses especially to the rural masses about the precautionary measures to be
taken to avoid an infection.

Doctors globally have advocated for social distancing, hashing hands regularly, avoiding
touching eyes & using hand sanitizers. These guidelines were issued by Indian Council of
Medical Research..

Heeding to the advice, Rajasthan Govt, through Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation
planned on reaching the rural masses with the do’s don’t to avoid coronavirus infection,
which was spreading across the globe even before the virus was spreading in India. This
campaign was done between 5th March to 25th March 2020, as a precautionary & an advisory
message to the rural masses of Rajasthan for prevention of coronavirus.

The Rajasthan Govt. needed a medium which has deep rural penetration, which could reach the
‘media dark areas’ and have a local impact. The answer was Vritti iMedia’s Audiowala Bus
Stands, it is the largest digital audio network at transit places in India. The audiowala network
was used to spread the message of safety & precaution to the rural masses.

A total of 35 strategic locations were chosen to spread the message through passenger
announcement systems at the Audiowala Bus stands. These locations were selected as they had
the maximum number of rural reach in Rajasthan.

Above jingle was played across 35 locations to maximize the reach of the campaign. The
Audiowala Network reached more than 5 crore people traveling through state transport in
The campaign which was run by Rajasthan govt though the Audiowala Network managed to
save educate over 5 crores in Rajasthan & helped prevent a major health crisis.

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