Vritti iMedia Uses Pandharpur Wari for Zee Cinema

If we see the top popular media houses in India, then Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is the undisputed leader.

With an impressive reach across 171 countries in the world, it reaches up to 1 Billion viewers which is a phenomenal figure!

It is in fact, the pioneer in India by starting the first private TV channel in 1995. It never looked back after that!

There are several ‘firsts’ in the credit list of Zee. They launched Zee Cinema, the first Hindi movie channel that runs round-the-clock.

Despite many movie channels mushroomed in the media space later, Zee Cinema still holds the number-one position with 201 Million viewers.

Zee Cinema is involved in the production of movies as well.

Vritti iMedia conducted a campaign to improve the TRP in smaller towns (below 100,000 population) in Maharashtra.

The campaign was targeted to the age group of 15 to 40.

Pandharpur Wari – the best occasion to have the campaign

As the month of July comes closer, the devotees in Maharashtra get excited about the most awaited religious event; “Pandharpur Wari”.

It is indeed a grand religious gathering where millions of devotees from the remote corners of Maharashtra reach Pandharpur to have a glimpse of their beloved “Vithoba”.

Nothing can be a better opportunity to connect to the people who come from rural parts at a time. Zee Cinema wanted to have something unique for better engagement and effective, integrated communication.

Modus Operandi

  • Since people from the nuke and corner of Maharashtra go to Pandharpur using the special transport arrangement done by the Maharashtra State Transport Corporation, Audiowala Bus Stand was chosen for awareness.
  • There is a long queue in Pandharpur where people wait patiently for their turn. It was the first time when live darshan was provided to the people on huge-sized Outdoor LED TVs to those standing in the queue. Special Audio and Video campaigns were conducted for the best brand recall.
  • For those who stay in the “Dharmshala” or “Math”, a special screening of the best movies from the Zee library was organized. Zee Cinema live was also available to entertain pilgrims.
  • Not only Audio-Visual, but print media was also effectively used during the event. More than 60000 cloth bags were distributed amongst the people to carry their belongings. It was greatly appreciated by them and gave an excellent brand recall.
  • To connect with the kids; stationary stuff distributed to the school going children. Due to the outstanding quality and impactful branding, the recall was superb.

Vritti iMedia is a well-known name for its innovative and creative ideas in the niche of marketing.

The expertise of Vritti iMedia and incredible brand image of Zee Cinema established the brand recall and improved TRP amongst the small and medium-sized towns and cities of Maharashtra.

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