SBI Life At Pandharpur Emphasizes Life Insurance

SBI Life is one of the leading life insurance companies in India that carries the goodwill of SBI, a brand of great repute.

It is the joint venture of BNP Paribas Cardif, the well-known insurance company that has an international presence and the State Bank of India.

With the widespread network of 23000+branches and around 200 offices in 37 countries worldwide, SBI is an international name.

Vritti Imedia conducted a successful event during Pandharpur Wari.

The objective was to make the pilgrims aware of life insurance and provide free service to them. Also, the event focused on building the brand by associating with several social development programs.

Why is Pandharpur Wari ideal event for such campaigns?

The reason is simple; it is the biggest and most beloved religious event in Maharashtra. People from every nook and corner of the state come to Pandharpur to have a glimpse of Lord Vithoba.

Taking a holy dip in the Chandrabhaga River and having ‘Darshan’ or ‘Pandharinath’ are two most momentous events in the life of every devotee.

The tradition is said to be as old as 800 years and every year, and the number of pilgrims is increasing every year.

No wonder, it is the ideal occasion for brand building, brand creation, and promotion.

The campaign

Two activities were carried out during the event for the brand promotion of SBI Life.

Cycle Ambulance

To help pilgrims; special cycle ambulance was introduced during the event. It is a cycle specially designed to offer the basic treatment and first-aid to the devotees if there is a medical problem.

The promoters were fully trained to provide necessary help to the devotees.

Salute to the Selfless service

In a mega religious event of Pandharpur Wari, police play a vital role. The event was aimed at saluting the humongous efforts and selfless service of Maharashtra Police.

It was a humble effort to show the respect and gratitude by offering a special gift designed for them.

Clean drinking water outlets

Several strategic locations were identified to offer SBI branded clean drinking water through specially designed outlets.

It was named “SBI life branded Clean drinking water Piyo”.

Drinking water was offered at various entry and exit points, temple queue and bus depots.

Clean drinking water stations at various strategic locations of the city.


  • More than 2000 raincoats were distributed to police and security personel.
  • 10 health camps were set up to offer free first-aid service to people.
  • 15 distinct locations and 100 cycle ambulance to offer treatment to people.


  • More than 15K people availed the first-aid facility.
  • 2000 raincoats were distributed as a humble gift to the police and security people.
  • 10K people received first-aid in SBI health camps.
  • 1000 mementos were given to the security people to mark their selfless services.

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