Ghadi Detergent Event By Vritti iMedia During Pandharpur Wari

If we rate the religious events in the state of Maharashtra, then Pandharpur Wari (only Wari it is fondly referred as) is the Number One.

Every year in the month of July or August, whenever the month of Ashadha falls as per the Hindu calendar, millions of people visit the small town Padndharpur.

Lord Vithoba, Pandhari, or Vithu Mauli; the names are many, but the aim is only one; to have a glimpse of their beloved god who stands there eternally.

The large gathering of devotees makes it a phenomenal opportunity to promote brands, products, and services.

Vritti Imedia feels proud to organize marketing campaigns because it gives a chance to serve not only the clients; but the devotees who forget the materialistic things and get fully charged with devotion.

Events organized for Ghadi Detergent

Ghadi Detergent is the flagship brand of RSPL Limited, Kanpur. This 5000 Crore company has a diversified conglomerate and enjoys high repute in India.

The company aims at providing value for money to the customers by improving products continuously.

The objective behind organizing the marketing event was to reach rural customers of Maharashtra those otherwise difficult to reach collectively at such a large scale.

Team Vritti Imedia had several rounds of discussions, meetings, and presentations to develop a productive and successful campaign.

Two activities were organized to underline the importance of keeping the rivers clean and bringing a momentous change in small steps.

The brand ‘Ghadi Detergent’ was a highlight during both events that creates a deep impact in the minds of the users.

Saare Mail Dho Daalo

Since the product cleans spoiled clothes and makes them spotlessly clean, people could connect with the tagline quite easily.

Vritti Imedia set up several washing zones with proper product branding. The washing zone was called ‘Ghadi Ghat’ in line with the bathing ghats of Chandrabhaga river.

The washing ghat had all necessary facilities to clean the spoiled clothes of pilgrims. Since the locations were appropriately selected after profound research, people found it very much convenient.

Ghadi Detergent free product samples were distributed to them for brand awareness. Pilgrims were informed about the activity in all dharmshalas and maths where they stayed.

Soch Badlo Desh Badal Jaega

The activity used the popular and effective format of Nukkad Natak to make people aware of the importance of cleanliness.

At selected points, the message of “Swachchate cha Dhyas, Vithoba kari niwas” spread amongst the devotees.

The meaning of the tagline is “Lord Vithoba resides where cleanliness is maintained”. Thus, pilgrims could relate cleanliness with devotion.

Various measures were taken to attract people to the place where Nukkad Natak was played. Inflatable balloons, hoardings, and welcome gates created a cheerful atmosphere.

Vritti iMedia used its signature medium, Audiowala Bus Stand to air the spots created especially for creating awareness of the campaign.

Amongst 15 surrounding towns, the campaign was advertised.

Some statistics

Just to give a perception about the grand scale of the campaign, here are some hard facts:

  • 10 washing zones at strategic locations offered the pilgrims the washing facilities.
  • More than 20 ashrams and dharmshalas were covered for sampling, brand engagement activities , and product demonstration.
  • More than 100 direction boards and 10 welcome gates with welcome message installed in the city for brand building.
  • Audiowala Bus Stand announcement at 15 places.
  • Over 50000 free product samples distributed.


The results of both campaigns were overwhelming.

Thousands of the devotees engaged with the product and brand during the period.

The concept of washing zone was apt because there was a need for a convenient place where people could wash their clothes. Hence, the idea was immensely liked.

Overall, it was a successful campaign that not only established the brand for the client but also inculcated the thought of keeping the rivers and the country clean.

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