Audiowala Bus Stand – Nation is Listening

When you want to promote the brand or reestablish the identity or an effective brand recall; effectiveness of the medium used makes a significant difference.

For better results, you need new and innovative ideas from a dynamic marketing agency.

Vritti iMedia, a leading digital marketing company, fulfills all the requirements mentioned above by introducing out-of-the-box ideas.

Audiowala Bus Stand; a unique and highly effective mass medium which is different from the contemporary products.

It makes possible to build a brand or promote a product in a cost-effective manner. Use of vernaculars touches the heart of the rural population.

What is Audiowala Bus Stand?

It is a revolutionary idea of using the bus announcement system for brand promotion and creating awareness.

Bus stand, the second-most crowded place in India where thousands of people come and depart, is the ideal place for marketing.

Studies say that the average stay of a passenger is 30 minutes. Hence, the probability of a person listening or viewing the promotion is quite high.

The advertisement is audible in the 100 meters periphery which is sufficient.

It is an impactful audio-visual and only audio medium that covers 7 states in India including Maharashtra, Goa, Punjab, Karnataka, and Rajasthan.

The locations are planned so strategically that it covers places of economic importance, significant talukas, famous pilgrimages and holiday destinations.

What makes it so much effective?

Audiowala Bus Stand concept has done remarkably good in creating brand awareness. The list of companies that have benefited by it runs through several pages.

The clientele is spread across various industries including agro products, health care, pharmaceutical, professionals, FMCG, and electronics.

Since the audience belongs to different strata such as farmers, students, professionals, senior citizens, and homemakers; the outcome of using Audiowala Bus Stand is awesome.

How does it help brands?

It is possible to create brand awareness and promotion in highly effective manner by using Audiowala Bus Stand.

The most significant benefit is that this medium has effective penetration in the small towns and rural areas that otherwise are difficult to reach.

  • Long-term awareness creation
  • Long-term customer education
  • Top of the mind recall
  • Effective brand building

Experts say that the use and applicability of Audiowala Bus Stand are universal. No wonder, it gains the popularity with every passing day.

The usefulness of Audiowala Bus Stand is not limited to brand promotion only, but activation as well. Thus, it is a one-stop solution!

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