What is Out of Home Advertising or OOH? It is the product promotion and branding done through various solutions, each having a unique impact.

Billboards, wall painting, posters and banners, street branding, bus and train advertising, bus stand announcement advertising; the list is unending.

One must find the right method that fits the needs.

Yes, indeed all these methods are effective and result-oriented. However, the cost is always an inhibiting factor when one wants to use the best method.

Companies such as Vritti iMedia have created a distinct place in the niche by introducing different and unique ways such as rural bus stand advertising.

Whether it is branding on the back of a bus seat or bus-stand hoarding, outdoor branding or Audiowala Bus Stand or bus terminal advertising in india; every campaign has shown remarkable benefits at affordable prices.

What are the best places for OOH and why?

According to the experts, the best location that gives the maximum return on investment is where the footfall is large.

The more people visit a place, the higher is the coverage.

No wonder, railway stations, bus stands, congregation places or transit places are considered ideal.

According to the reports, railway stations are the most visited places in our country followed by the bus stands.

It is the reason Vritti iMedia has introduced Audiowala Bus Stand which is a highly effective yet affordable medium.

There, clients promote their products or brands with the help of the central broadcasting system of the bus stand.

With the bus announcements about the arrival-departure of the buses, interesting and engaging content is played.

Audience pays 100% attention to the central announcement system because they dont want to miss the important bus information.

Hence, the brand promotion messages and other OOH activities get complete attention when bus stand advertising is used.

Due to its widespread reach (over eight states in the country), and superior engaging capability; Audiowala Bus Stand is a milestone in the niche.

Other OOH initiatives by Vritti iMedia

Though Vritti Imedia got pan-India fame because of Audiowala Bus Stand, their innovation and creativity are not limited to that.

The creative brains created marketing campaigns for their clients using other unique methods as well.

To give an example, the information board and beach branding campaigns were greatly appreciated by the clients.

These campaigns integrated the product promotion and social message quite beautifully at reasonable bus stop advertising prices.

Top levels of creativity and an immense ability of creating an effective OOH are the core strengths of Vritti iMedia.

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