TATA brand is synonymous with the word Trust in India. Hence, any campaign organized to endorse any product of TATA doesnt have to talk about the reliability and credibility.

In the event Tata Tea-Ek Chai Teen Kamaal Vritti iMedia focused on replacing the poor-quality local brands of tea with Tata Tea Gold, the well-known tea brand in India.

The state of Maharashtra was selected as it is among the top consumers of tea in India. Bus stand was selected for rural bus stand advertising because it is a place where a large crowd passes through every day.

A cup of refreshing tea during the journey

Travelling becomes quite frustrating at times. Nothing is more refreshing than a cutting chai then!

The target market was rural population. Hence, no other place was better than a bus-stand. It is a place where large crowd visits to travel towns and small villages.

The activity happened in the canteen.

Three things were emphasized in the bus stand advertising activity; communication, engagement and sampling experience. Audiowala Bus Depot which was chosen for a pilot campaign. It is one of the most-visited bus-stand in the state.

The activation execution

The canteen inside the bus depot was chosen because it is the place where people spend maximum time. During the event, the look and feel of the canteen were changed completely.

It was converted into Tata Tea Canteen with the use of hoardings, standees and Tent Cards. People were briefed by the event coordinators about Tata Tea Gold Mixture and its specialties. Coupons were given to redeem the regular tea at a subsidized price.

The brand engagement was achieved by conducting interesting games and distributing product samples to the winners.

Roll the dice and Guess the taste were the games that were appreciated by the audience for high entertainment value.

Audiowala Bus Stand and LED screens were used for playing contextual AV announcement (from 8 AM to 8 PM). It was specially made for the bus stand announcement advertising event.


  • The event could reach 3500+ passengers and around 300 samples were distributed to the winners. Thus, it was quite an effective campaign both in terms of the reach and connectivity. Affordable bus stop advertising prices make it cost-effective.
  • The audio jingles were heard by 200,000 people, and it created a great curiosity and awareness about the product.
  • Even though increasing the sale was not the core objective of this campaign, a lot of sales inquiries were received. Even the canteen owner showed the readiness to carry the product further.

In short, the campaign was one of its kind bus terminal advertising in india that achieved everything that was planned.

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