Bus stop advertising is a modern concept that has clicked because of high visibility and low cost.Statistics show that the products endorsed on a bus stop have long-lasting impressions in the minds of viewers.

Hoardings, digital billboards, and advertisements on the audio announcement system are the examples of bus stop advertising.

Who can be targeted?

When you want to achieve maximum visibility from bus stop advertising, it is important to decide the target market first.

Once you are clear about whom you want to concentrate on, making strategy is not a big deal.

  • Are you want to attract youth? If yes, then target bus stops that are near colleges, shopping malls, and food centers.
  • If daily commuters are your target audience, then choose bus routes that take people to commercial areas from residential townships.
  • Is the nature of your product seasonal? If yes, then choose bus stops that are most crowded ones.

It is not enough to choose the target market only. You should talk to the advertising agency and ask for a profitable deal.

Benefits of Bus Stop or Bus Station Advertising

You should get the best prices and the maximum visibility. Bus stop advertising is a fantastic idea for business promotion. However, it needs efforts to get a superb deal.

It is essential that you negotiate with the agency. Here are some benefits of choosing a right company.

  • Effective bus stop advertising fuels your business and brings your customers to the doorstep.
  • Your customers get tempted to buy the services offered by you.
  • You enjoy round-the-clock presence without spending anything additional.
  • It is a high-impact advertising medium.
  • You can make use of unlimited creativity in a flexible manner.

It is important that you compare a few agencies before you sign the deal.

Vritti Imedia has done a remarkable job by introducing Audiowala Bus Stand. It is a concept that uses the integrated announcement system across the bus stands to popularize products and services.

Since bus stand announcements are listened extremely carefully by travelers, it is impossible to ignore the product endorsement.It is a cost-effective and beneficial idea.

Pricing factors

Since you want the maximum profitability from bus-stop advertising, it is critically important to hire an agency that gives the best value for money.

  • Hire an agency that has maximum coverage.
  • Negotiate for bulk pricing.
  • The agency should be proficient in all types of advertising media.

Consider these factors to hire the best agency.

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