Before we understand the effortless ways of hiring space in the bus stop for advertising, lets understand the concept in detail.

What is bus advertising?

It is promoting a product or service by using displays inside and outside the bus stops and buses.

Vritti Imedia has revolutionized the concept of bus advertising by introducing Audiowala Bus Stand. It is a concept that combines creativity and modern technology to benefit the clients.It is operational in several states in India such that Karnataka, Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

Options of bus stand advertising

  • Promotion of products by displaying billboards on the bus stop.
  • Digital display on the bus stop.
  • Use of centralized announcement system.
  • Pamphlets, banners and other promotional material.
  • Bus panels branding on the left, right, back.
  • Bus branding on the back seat and on grab handles.

Vritti iMedia offers all varieties of bus stand marketing.

Audiowala Bus Stand is a revolutionary concept that uses centralized announcement system to promote products and services.Since the announcement grabs the complete attention of the listeners; the impact is awesome.

The campaign has been highly successful in the rural areas where bus services are like the lifeline. Targeting the small town & rural areas is the key to success.

Do you want to make use of bus stop advertising a success mantra for your business? Here are ten steps to get the best pricing.

  1. You should seek the advertising agency that offers bus stand advertising in the city.
  2. Find out places that offer maximum visibility and low cost.
  3. Site sharing is another promising idea. If you can find a partner that can share space with you and bear a part of the cost.
  4. Efficiency in advertising brings price benefits. Hitting the right audience at the right moment is important.
  5. Advertising campaigns should be catchy and impactful.
  6. Digital advertising is an innovative idea which gives you better pricing.
  7. High visibility gives you great benefits. Since bus stops are the places where several people travel in a day, your product is seen by a large crowd.
  8. Statistics say that bus stop advertising is one of the least costly methods. However, by negotiating the best price, one can lower it down further.
  9. You can save money by planning short-term or seasonal campaigns. Pricing is important because it affects profitability.
  10. Nowadays, audio-visual or only audio campaigns are also available. Your campaign depends on your business needs.

These steps will help you in getting the best price for bus stop advertising.

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