Nobody imagined a decade ago that a neglected and ignored place like bus stand could be used for business promotion? And that too rural bus stands where the basic facilities were also non-existent!However, it is a reality today.

Thanks to the phenomenal economic growth in India, the rural bus stands are not only equipped with new-age amenities, but they have emerged as prominent business generation units.Companies prefer rural bus stand advertising because it is cost-effective and efficient.

Experts say that rural bus stop advertising is a highly promising way provided it is done well. Here are five ways to get through it.

Make a strategy first

Yes, once you decide to go for bus stand advertising,the first thing is to derive at a strategy.

What percentage of the total marketing cost will be dedicated to it?

Are you going to manage it in-house or hire an agency? Is your existing marketing agency capable of doing it or you need a separate agency?

In what way you want to explore the potential of it?

There are several aspects of the Bus terminal Advertising in India. Which one sounds more relevant to you?

Bus stands in India are the second largest crowded public places after Railway Stations. No wonder, they offer such an incredible business opportunity. It is up to you how do you want to explore it?

Hire an agency

As mentioned earlier, you need to hire some expert agency to design the right campaign for your business.

It is very important to convey your expectations to the agency. It helps them in deriving the best-fit strategy.

Keep dedicated financial reserves for it

Though bus stop advertising prices  aren’t exorbitant, it is important to make a separate line item in the budget.

Watch the business benefits closely

When you explore something new such as bus stand advertising, it is highly important to monitor the benefits.

Is it doing as per the expectations? If not, then let the agency know about it. Necessary changes should be made to bridge the gap.

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