In the era of technology, it is impossible that you do not use it in any aspect of your business. Yes, today entrepreneurs explore it for enhancing btl activation ideas.

Since the customers in the rural market are also equally techno-savvy, they do not find it much difficult to get adapted to it.Here are a few facets of technology that change the way BTL activation is done by btl advertising agencies in India

Wi-Fi Zone tracking

If there is some BTL activation campaign is going on, then you give Wi-Fi connectivity so that people can connect and access to the product and service interface.

It gives a brand experience to them. Now you can actually track the devices that are within the range and access the details of how much time the device is active.

Thus, you can get an accurate analysis of how much time people were engaged and what was their engagement level.

Such information can give a valuable idea to the btl activation agency about the customer psyche.

Using RFID sensors

This technology is quite common nowadays in the modern brand activation campaigns. However, it is very much possible to extend it up to the Rural BTL Activation.

Using these radio frequency based chips, marketing managers can do creative things using the movement and proximity.

It is also possible to do the tracking of the customers or visitors. The devices can be used as device to control some visual component.

It can be used for access control and access permission.

Dont think that the use of technology will be a tough thing to handle. With the increasing awareness and education level, nothing is out-of-reach of the rural consumers.

Customized apps

Yes, how can you forget the amazing power of apps when planning BTL activation campaign? It is possible nowadays to build beautiful things using the custom-made software programs.

Btl activation agencies in Mumbai add magic to your ideas by giving some visual experience to the consumers or a brilliant game, or just a social media contest.

All these things will make the BTL activation lively and interesting. And that is what you expect from the event.

To add spice to it, you can try giving them some virtual reality experience or interactive games as well. If the games are somehow linked to your product or service, then the direct connection gets established in mind.

This is how modern technology is changing the way BTL activation for the rural customers.

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