When you are a marketing manager who has got the responsibility of establishing a product or service in the rural market, the modus operandi is very different.

To do rural promotion effectively, you need to keep a few key elements under consideration.

Things you should never forget while doing rural promotion

When you are the marketing manager doing rural promotion planning, it is very much essential to make a note of a few critical points. Follow these points to reap good profits.

Get familiar with the territory

Dont think that it is the responsibility of your sales team only.

You should also be familiar with the rural market you are designing promotion plan for.

You need to know what language the people understand, what food do they eat and in what circumstances do they live?

Unless you know it, you can neither derive the right marketing strategy nor do effective rural advertising in India.

Get familiar with the dialect

In the rural areas, people speak dialects. Unless you become proficient in it, you cant establish communication channels with the buyers.

Conversion of prospective customers into actual customers can happen only when you talk something that makes sense to them.

Not only the language but you should know about their customs, traditions and folks. You should not forget that it opens new marketing avenues for your product.

Rural marketing agencies in India like Vritti iMedia used cultural and religious festivals as great opportunities for product promotion and marketing.

You should be assertive but not pushy

Remember, the psychology of rural customer is very different. You need to be assertive while marketing your product or service in a rural market. If you push the customers about it, then they become defensive.Also, they start suspecting the product. It destroys the whole purpose of marketing.

Hence, create the rapport with your company first. Let the buyers understand you well; you should offer the product after that.

Good Public relations help a lot

Wondering about the role of public relations in rural advertising strategies? It is the key aspect. You need to contact the newly acquired customers, channel partners, and others so that they know you, your product and your company.

Experts say that building public relation is much more important in the rural market than the urban one. Here, people believe in personal relations, and they trust a company based on it.

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