In spite of the immense popularity of other advertising mediums, the popularity of outdoor advertising is still high.However, the technological development has made it digital outdoor advertising.

Billboard advertising, as it is popularly known, is everywhere. Due to the immense potential of branding impact, it is still a medium of choice.If you want to extract the maximum juice from it and want to be creative, here are ten amazing tips that will make it effective and productive.

Keep the punch line crisp

The rule of thumb is; keep the words limited to six.

Why is it so? It is because you get hardly six seconds to read the billboard. Experts say that you can read maximum six words in this duration.

Your billboard should be engaging, not distracting

Even if viewers look at it for a few seconds, make sure your billboard is not distracting the riders. You want to lure them, but certainly, do not want to be the cause of an accident.

Dont keep sky-high expectations

Digital advertising display screens bring business benefits but they are always the secondary adevertising medium. Hence, there is no point in depending on them much

You need to be a smart advertiser

When you hire ooh advertising agencies, make the expectations clear. The digital outdoor advertising should leave a long-lasting impression.Let it be simple, catchy and easy to understand.

Economy of scale works here

You need to use digital advertising medium as a mass market medium. Reach as many people as you can. It may increase the cost if the area is widespread, e.g. Rural Marketing in Rajasthan.

A picture worth thousand words

It is very important to use visuals as it is an outdoor advertising medium. Since the digital technology makes it pretty convenient to use visuals, you should use the same.

Dont be repetitive

Make use of every inch wisely and correctly. Do not repeat the message in the visuals and the text. Sit with the creative team of the advertising company to make the content unique and effective.

Bring a smile on the face of viewers

Convey your message in such a manner that it brings a smile on the face of your clients.

Logo should not oversize the message

Undoubtedly your logo should be visible prominently. However, it should not overshadow the message.

Check the readability

The best technique to test the readability is to print the digital advertise on the size of a business card. If every letter of it is readable, then your ad will be visible.

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