Innovation is the essential element of advertising. Particularly, the rural market is more challenging and demanding than the urban counterparts.

With the economic development, the rural consumers have become a significant contributor to the business. Also, their preferences and priorities have changed now.

To get the maximum benefits, it is very much important that the marketing managers use methods that lure the rural consumers mind. Things that touch to their hearts should be used for marketing communication.

With this backdrop, Vritti Imedia brought a unique and different channel, the Audiowala Bus Stand.

It has become a trendsetter idea

Bus Stand Announcement Advertising, is the idea that has done remarkably well in the past. Started in a few selected cities as the pilot project, today it is one of the strongest communication platforms that address over 250 Million people from 20 bus stands spread across five states.

Isnt it an amazing thing that such a simple idea has been welcomed with such a great enthusiasm?

Experts say that there are several reasons behind the popularity of Bus terminal Advertising in India by Vritti Imedia:

  • Bus stands are the most crowded places in India because a bus is the most approachable and affordable mode of conveyance after railway. There are several rural areas in India where railway has not reached yet but the places are very well connected by bus network.

  • Since the advertising and promotions are done using the centralized announcement system, it is quite easy to manage the things.

  • Announcement system is heard carefully by the audience as it conveys important information about bus arrivals and departures, change in the route, delays, etc.; advertising messages get complete attention of the audience. Hence, the reach of the promotional message is excellent. The idea is amongst the best ideas used by any of the btl activation agencies in Mumbai.

  • Since the crowd at the bus stand is ever changing (it is estimated that every half an hour there are new people on the bus stand); the message reaches to different people every time. It means, there is hardly any repeat audience which is a good thing from the advertising perspective.

The popularity and effectiveness of bus stand advertising has been tremendous so far. No other Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai has received so much acclaim as Vritti Imedia received from industry experts, clients, and even the critics.

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