It isnt sufficient just to derive innovative rural marketing campaigns. You need to have a structured plan. Here are 15 steps to do it well:

  1. Choose a specialist agency that has expertise in handling marketing campaigns in the rural market. It has to be endorsed by the previous clients.

  2. Look at the prior experience and profile and the area of specialization. The agency should have a regional presence as well.

  3. It is a market that requires patience. Dont be impatient for the output.

  4. The creative team of the specialist agency hired by you should have the capability of communicating in vernacular languages. In the rural marketing, language plays a critical role.

  5. While deciding marketing strategy, make it clear to the specialist agency about deriving a customized strategy for you. ‘Cut and Paste’ strategy doesnt hold good in the rural market.

  6. Make sure your brand is exclusively different from others. Though rural customers are not quite skeptic about the brand. Price is the main motivator, but the brand should get highlighted.

  7. Explore technology and make use of it for rural marketing. It is the foundation of the rural growth today.

  8. With the availability of the Internet and Smartphones, marketing managers need to plan the innovative use of media in rural market.

  9. Dont think that mobile apps, IVR, and mobile internet are used by the urban people only. These things are equally popular in the rural areas as well.

  10. In the modern era also, cultural marketing hasnt lost the charm. Particularly, in the rural markets, it is always good to plan customized marketing strategies according to the local festivals, fairs, and other events. Such activities get connected to the audience in quite an effective manner.

  11. Timing is critically important in rural marketing. You must time a strategy well. Harvesting season is the right time when you should target the audience. People have money to spend during this period.

  12. Do not put underperformers in the rural marketing. It is not a training ground, please! However, do not make the mistake of appointing people who are born ad brought up in the urban area. You need people who know the pulse of the people well.

  13. Innovation is the key to success. Dont hesitate in trying the unconventional stuff.

  14. Make use of the available channels to design new business models. Word of mouth marketing, for example, is very effective there.

  15. Plan rural advertising strategies well, implement them well and reap big benefits.

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