Big or small, every company targets the rural market today because it has incredible potential. However, not everyone gets success in it. Here are the top ten tips that can put you distinctly ahead of others.

  1. You need to be vigilant and alert while designing advertising in rural india. It is important to visit the marketplace to understand the undercurrent of emotions and the mood of the public.

  2. Meet people in the rural market you are targeting to. Visit the customer site, schedule meetings with your stakeholders and get the pulse of the business.

  3. Observation is the key to success. It holds true in every stage of rural advertising. Before launching the ad campaign, you should find out the most potential areas. After the launch, you need to take consistent feedback.

  4. Rural market and rural people are different. People have different temperament and preferences altogether. Hence, it is important to alter the strategy accordingly. It is the biggest mistake that is commonly done by most of the marketing managers. They use the same yardstick to measure both markets and end up with feeble performance.

  5. Make your team ready for the challenging task of advertising in rural areas. It should be made clear to the team that they need to come out of their comfort zone. It is a tough nut to crack indeed.

  6. Passion is required in a rural marketing campaign. Your team has to be dedicated and committed. Experts say that the passion has to be demonstrated by the top level management. Then only you can expect great returns.

  7. Set tough targets, and except the challenge to achieve it. Dont hesitate in putting your best to prove your competence. Learn lessons from the mistakes and refine your strategy.

  8. Price is a leading aspect that decides the buying behavior in the rural market. Therefore, as the marketing manager, you must keep this thing in mind.

  9. Specific, targeted strategy works in the rural market. Precise and unambiguous advertising campaigns are more successful than a generic one.

  10. Though there has been a massive effort made by the government to improve the infrastructure and communication facilities in the rural market, there is still a long way to go. Hence, the strategy for rural advertising in india should go in tune with it.

These tips will help the marketing managers in designing the best and the perfect, to-the-point strategy.

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