Ecommerce has been viewed as the intelligent way of selling out the products and services. With a technology boom, the customers all over could be addressed and targeted. However, despite of huge reachability, ecommerce business lagged behind in getting hold of rural population until digitalization revolution came in.

Government wise tie ups

Government has been tying up with banking sector and online cash providers to promote and ease up online financial transactions. This is further being enabled through internet service providers who are bringing in best broadband advancement to the rural areas by placing towers at every nook and corner. Various government initiatives and intervention to introduce digitalization to rural India has proven to be very useful for almost all the sectors of industry but largely the ecommerce sector.

Trusted postal services

Many ecommerce companies have successfully teamed up with Indian postal service to make the delivery of their products to their customers in rural areas. This has proved to be cost effective and a reliable source of delivery.

All these initiatives and this shift of technology will turn out to be fruitful for the ecommerce players through innovative use of media in rural market. People in rural parts need to be educated about the products and its usability. And that can be made possible by hiring rural specialist agency that will be planning and designing a rural effective advertisement campaigns and activities.

Metropolitans support rural

Ecommerce sector being a revolution in itself is directing its advertising strategies to creative and dynamic BTL advertising agencies in India. Many agencies situated in metropolitan cities with their expertise and creative minds are bridging between ecommerce business and rural areas. For example, to reach the interiors of rural areas in Maharashtra, BTL activation agencies in Mumbai and Rural marketing agency in Pune get active to run such distinctive and incredible advertising campaigns.

Different unique advertising strategies

  • Road shows: Such campaigns include BTL activation agencies in Mumbai through road shows in the rural areas. This aims at creating awareness among the rural people about the products and the services their ecommerce client offers at a much lesser and competitive prices.

  • Story telling: Another very effective way of connecting with rural audience is through a story telling and creating a character which resembles the rural population. It talks about the challenges the rural imaginary character faces and tackles through advertised product and service.

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    Hi Vritti,
    Nice blog. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog on how rural market is turning out to new hub ecommerce platform. It was very helpful blog.

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