No matter how excellent thought backs up some form of adverting, if it is not placed at the right time and at the right place, the entire effort goes in vein. And when it comes to positioning campaigns for advertising in rural areas, the challenge is unbelievably huge. Every business which is offering consumer goods and services wish to get hold of consumers and buyers in rural areas in India. The reason is simple, more than 75% of the entire population inhabits in rural parts. Despite of huge chunk of population that could be catered remains disconnected due to ineffective rural advertising in India.

Like mentioned before it is one big challenge which is waiting to be taken up and get converted in to a profitable affair for both the parties. On one hand the consumer will benefit from the new aged and useful products and services & on the other hand the businesses will see an impressive rise in the revenues.

We at Vrittimedia, understand the current scenario and indulging in mind wrecking sessions to create some effective and competent ways of advertising in rural India.

Traditional form of advertising gets a modern twist

We have closely looked through the reasons that are making certain types of rural promotion ineffective. And thus with a team of experts and creative people we decided to give the traditional forms of advertising a makeover. When the traditional medium will team up with advance thought plan and flawless execution will take the scope of excellence to a greater level.

  • Mike announcements amalgamate with audio Wala bus stand: Announcements over a mike has been age old way of advertising, we took a step upon and launched Audio Wala bus stand. State buses are one of the favoured modes of transportation for rural population. And footfall recorded at the bus stand is humongous, thus continuous advertising announcements along with the general announcements in the local language proved would catch attention of lot of rural people, thus chance of missing on the announcement is completely ruled out.

  • Traditional display of advertising comes alive: We have taken our campaigns in the interiors of the rural areas. Various canopy & kiosk along with a product display is set up. This is beneficial in educating them about the product and how to use it. Various games are organised and various attractive gifts and prizes are given. Also free samples, discounts coupons are distributed.

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