MAVIM is the organization formed in 1987 as a NGO, purpose was the devolvement of Rural Womans skills, employment related Skill and Education, founder of MAVIM Mrs. Rashmi Bansal was working in public sector, and always keep a dream to be helpful for social because his ambassador has a thought that, Every person who got the life in earth have the responsibility towards society .

The founder was frankly visiting to families of rural and poor peoples he saw that womans are mostly exploited by their Drunk husbands ,loans taken for farms and cultivation from Moneylender and banks and their whole family was being scattered , but along with these every rural woman was a particular kind of God gifted skill , like some womans was expert in making Pickles , some womans was expert in mathematical calculations , some womans have good potential to work hard by working on daily wages @ moneylenders farms etc. but he observed one common thing that after their daily routine all womans are gathered at least for some period of time to discuss their problems and trying to find out some solution on or below UMBARTHA (A place like big tree or path were they gathered in after their work ). Founder decided to do something for womans he registered the firm as a NGO and the organization construct the platform by his self and some coulees investments, which is well known as SHGs (Self Help Group).

Via SHGs all womans gathered at one place by making the groups of 11 to 12 people. Then founder told them to save at least 1 rs per day in SHG means 30 rs P/M by 1 woman and 300 rs by whole group per month and they can use this 300 rs by giving each family in a month who needs it (i.e. policy like BHISI ) there after day by day policy becomes famous and very helpful for them then slowly founder suggest them to charge 1% interest on loan under SHG for the growth of SHG and this policy was utilized in huge amount the national and rural banks kept noticed that if these SHGs registered under NGO opens their Account in Banks they can give the interest on their savings along with loan at very less percentage and they will get maximum output as Volume of accounts and transactions, founder meet the Managers of Bank and all Shgs registered with their NGO opens their Account in banks, as a result rural and poor womans was started getting huge loans to develops their skills, some SHGs form their Factory of making Pickles, some Shgs formed industries of making Papads, imli chokes,snaks and becomes successful business persons for eg, Vanita Ahar Udyog, Lijjat Papad,Krishna Snacks, Mahila Laghu udyog Borkuts etc., in between 1990 to 2000 government given the grant for Development of this NGO and Named as MAVIM (Mahila Arthik Vikas MAhamandal) which is now running on 50% Grant of State Government and 50% Grant of general revenue. After 2000 MAVIM becomes the first largest organization of Maharashtra and appoints other NGOs to spread all over their SHG concept in INDIA, after day by Day growth Government of Maharashtra decided to the contracts of Office canteens, cleaning contracts and many more their after State Government launch the Projects Like Ramai Mahila Project, Swabhiman Project,Artsaksham Project via which the Exploited woman under four wall got education like internet sathi, skill development, capital to increase their potential and work, and Now from Tree Plantation to cloth preparations nearby 99% Rural, Uneducated and poor womans become delegated and responsible Starting the work by 0 to 100% the MAVIM is being appreciated & awarded so many times and newly joined Collector of Chandrapur District Mr Ashutosh Salil Announces that all Tahsil office Setu Kendra will be given to run by SHGs of MAVIM all the Training of Digital G2C services will be provided by collector office.

In todays world there are so many branded companies are looking forward & trying to get Setu Kendras G2C Revenue Business by E-Tendering and other medium of Collector offices with huge competition but after close observations and need of rural & poor womans Collector chandrapur selected MAVIM and along with that he is also appreciated by Rural peoples, Palak Mantri, Home minister of state. As a Result, Now Gondhiya District Collector is also influenced and is also processing MAVIM to Provide All Kind of Collector office Services via MAVIM. So it is hard to believe that a rural uneducated and poor woman never thought that she will become Icon and sit in side of Nayab Tahsildar and with a symbol of Authenticated Government Representative

A Simple NGO (Non-Government Organization) with their sole hard work & will to devote their life for social work finally Becomes G.O. (Government Organization).

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