Well, I am not a proficient blog writer (in fact, this is my first attempt to jot down my feelings on a piece of paper).Pune is surely one of the best places in India where you can feel and experience the beauty and charm of rains. The geographic location and the lush greenery of this place attract the clouds, and there are ample rains in Pune.

I did my MBA from Pune and still remember those wonderful days. I am back in Pune after six years and still find it as lovely and lively place as it was six years back.As the rainy season starts, every Punekar packs his or her bags for the lovely and thrilling experience of trekking and mountaineering. There are plenty of places around because Pune is surrounded by the towering peaks of the Sahyadri mountain range.

We had fun at Rajgad recently

Rajgad, the glorious fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji attracts every trekker or mountain lover. The enormous height of 4600 feet above the sea level throws a terrific challenge to every mountain climber.

Our group was pretty large. We were 21 people, and though we started together, separate groups were formed based on the speed of climbing and sustainability. Nevertheless, the aim was to touch the peak.

After climbing around one kilometer, we were a little bit exhausted and wanted to rest for a while to get recharged again.

We heard the voice of an old lady who was selling lime water at the resting point. She was quite old, and some of us just ignored her and went ahead.Our group was a bit sympathetic about the lady. We stopped there and asked about the price. She told that the cost is 10 bucks which was pretty cheap.

We ordered a few glasses. I must tell that I didnt have such refreshing and tasteful lime water before.It was so yummy that we had total 10 glasses. We paid the money and started climbing again.

Why should people work at the old age in spite of so much development in India?

Yes, while climbing on the top of the Raigad Fort, each one of us was speechless. I was thinking about the old lady who has to climb such an enormous height every day just for the sake of earning a few rupees?

We talk about economic growth, share market rise, GDP and massive industrialization, but is it really worth?

If old people of the age 75+ are still working to meet their ends, then there is no sense in talking about progressing India!The lady who sold us lime water must be earning not more than 200-300 rupees every day after putting so much effort. She has to walk at least 3 kilometers every day, in scorching summers, chilling winters, and torrential rains!

The government spends millions of rupees every year but does it really help? The time has come to think about all this sincerely and derive some concrete method of providing social security to old age people.Statistics say that in the year 2050, we will be having the most number of senior citizens. Therefore, the government and we must start thinking about it today.

If there will be sincere efforts to do a balanced rural and urban development, then only we can guarantee a better life for the elderly people.Social security pension could be a good idea to provide a certain amount to the senior citizens so that they are not dependent on others.

It is a social responsibility of every Indian citizen to think about it. After all, we all will grow old sooner or later!

– Vaibhav S. Pekhale

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