This Glass doesnt need any introduction in India!! Some call it glass of energy some call it life..You know what I am talking about .?? TEA. GLASS OF INDIAN.

There are many blog already written on The Cup of Tea. Now a days people are writing on the other side of it That effects of TEA on human health & marketing people always come up with all new idea of selling at cup of tea, Now its time for GREEN TEA now every tea making company is coming with their own Green Tea Label to stay in competition.

TEA in India itself a big business and India is 2nd largest tea producer in the world after Chinaaccording to official record.. in July 2016, India had 11 lakh tea workers, of which nearly seven lakh are in Assam and over three lakh in West Bengal.

The cutting glass in the most familiar most used line on Indian Street. And I am one of those people who walk around daily on this streets & not to forget I am a marketing guy who travel most around the Indian Streets most of our meeting are done on a glass of TEA which we even try to ignore but cant ..

Past 9-10 years I have being walking to same streets by office & government offices. There are many changes in this past years but same things never change I am writing one of that thing which did not change in my life- the same cutting glass of Tea next to my office!

He is Anil, the tea vendor. He works for the whole long day & night. He is not just a tea seller for me, but a true friend who knows what type of tea I like!

Today when I asked him that which tea brand he use to make tea every day he showed me the loose packet of Tea On which it was written Maharashtra Tea (one of local well known brand in Pune & part of Maharashtra). Then I realize that when there many well known brands available in market were companies spent Lakh of rupees on marketing. This people still prefer local tea brand in loose packet in their local areas.

Today when Indian Tea market in crossing 33000 Crores turnover, there are many tea brands which we find and sell locally which are not consider, if they are counted the figure can cross many more millions So as marketing people we should always try to find such local brand and try them to market them and bring to the main stream line, were they can give competition to the bigger brands in the market. Because when I tried to find out how much money a average street tea stall make in the month was just shocking for me as per their calculation the make out around 45000-55000 per month.

So now just think that, what would be the annual turnover of the street tea seller in our country and the loose tea or local brands operating in India.

We need to find out such tea brands seller in the rural India

Marketers Really Need to Think Upon!!

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