In the period of MAHABHARATA in Dwapar yug .. The romantic and historical story happened in capital city of Vidarbha KOUNDNYAPUR.

Rukmani was the youngest daughter Of king Bhima . She was very beautiful and holy girl. She falls in love with Krishna who was the king of DWARKA NAGARI.

But there was a twist. that king Bhima & king DURYODHAN were friend and they had treaty that they both will fight the war against PANDAWAS & KRISHNA.

So there was no chance.

Krishna inform Rukmani that she should come for Darshna of AmbaDevimata temple at Amravati and he will take her from there to Dwarkanagari.

As par plan all happened but Rukmanisbrother Rukmaiya came there and opposed Krishna .

There was a battle between Krishna and Rukmaiya on the soil of Pedhi river of Bhatkuli. Krishna did not kill Rukmaiya. He cut his mustache & beard only.

Rukmani still call by name VIDARBHA KANYA. Koundnyapur is located in Amravati Dist. Distance from Amravati is just 40 km and from Nagpur its 100km. there is MSRTC buses are used for transport to reached at KOUNDNYAPUR.

KOUNDNYAPUR has a great historical background but the Government and our MTDC dept not taking care of it.

There are no good roads, no any infrastructure or no any focus to develop Koundnyapur as a tourism town.

In fact, many people of india do not know about this town and its history. It is very bad thing .

The government has to do something for it.

It has to be developed as historical place and tourist place to Koundnyapur.

The way is still from where Krishna and Rukmani was traveled towards Dwarkanagari, the temple of Devi AMBA is also still waiting that somebody share its history and awareness in our india and rest of world. People must know about love story of Lord Krishna &Rukmani..this is all.. Namaste

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