Other than being the central point between the two major market s of North Goa I.E between Panjim and Mapusa.

The Town of porvorim was more popular as a suburb which was majorly a residential area which was known to be quiet, adjoining the famous NH 17.

The Identity of this porvorim has changed from a residential area to a Major crowd puller due to The Biggest Mall in Goa known as MALL DE GOA which is started in the year 2016.

The dynamics of this place have changed completely .Goa which had a few supermarkets and a small mall but when we talk about this small town it houses 3 major supermarkets and as mentioned earlier the biggest mall in Goa .

This has bought a major shift in the shopping habits of Locals .First it was total dependence on Panjim and Mapusa for shopping now the crowd from all major cities in Goa seem to do their shopping in porvorim . As all a mjor International and national brands are easily available and all at one spot .

This easily shows that people are more concerned about time then roaming around from shop to shop bargaining for a item ,as they get everything right from grocery to stationary and clothes all under one roof .

Its a new trend that has picked up quite well among locals as almost everyone is busy with ones work shopping in the mall gives a very good Leisure as well as LOT OF TIME IS SAVED WHILE SHOPPING.

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