I was not very keen to use social media earlier. Though I have been using it for connecting friends, I am not very keen to make the commercial use of it.

We update every campaign on our Facebook; for example, marketing promotions, award information and so on.

In my Facebook friend list, I have many friends who are working in big organizations. Also, there are entrepreneurs as well. One of my friends owns an event management company. Though I do not know him personally, he is my Facebook friend. He regularly comments on our events and gives his likes.

One day, I got a message from him asking about my contact number. I share the same and next day only I received a call from him. Since he is in the same city where I work, we could fix a meeting next day.

To my surprise, the meeting was successful, and we could sign a long-term contract to manage all our future events. My Facebook friend (who is now our client) assured that he has a long list of clientele. Certainly, it will greatly help us in expanding our business.

Yes, I dont hesitate to say now that Facebook has been greatly helpful in finding a great channel partner!

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