Why do I love my job as a marketing executive? Certainly, because it is creative and lively, but there is another dimension to it.

As a rural marketing expert, you need to travel a lot; and that too in the remote places and small villages.

Dont underestimate our small villages and local markets by assuming that they are boring and dull. In fact, there is a lot of excitement and thrill hidden underneath as you explore a little bit deeper.During my journeys, visits, and meetings with retailers, buyers and distributers in the remote places, I get new insights and learning about the customer mentality and their buying behavior.

My recent experience in the sandy market

Have you heard about the sandy market ever? Dont think that I have misspelled Sunday Market as Sandy Market!

It is called Sandy Market or you can call it the Weekly Market which happens on the fixed day of the week at the fixed place in the villages.People from the local place and nearby villages come to buy things of their needs. This market is like a huge departmental store or Super Bazaar in the big cities and metros.

You can get anything from pin to piano there. Grocery items, fruits, and vegetables, clothes, utensils, eatables, cosmetics; you name it, and they have it!I was in the Bagalkot District of Karnataka. It was a tiny village named Kerur where I was looking at the business opportunity for products of my company.

During my visit, I saw an interesting thing. There was a van carrying all sorts of homemade spices and pickles.The shopkeeper was busy in weighing and packing red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander seed powder, salt and hundreds of other items. He was selling prepared mixes such as Sambar Masala also.

Surprisingly, I saw packed spices and branded spices in many shops, but people preferred the homemade stuff from this person.

The secret of the success

It made me quite curious about it, and I decided to talk to the shopkeeper. Thankfully, he was generous enough to spend a few minutes in his extremely hectic schedule.

He revealed that people trust his products because they are homemade. The spices and pickles carry the goodwill and trust of the shopkeeper.When people buy the stuff, they know that the ingredients are of good quality; they are properly cleaned and mixed in hygienic conditions.

The pickles also bring the authentic taste of Karnataka, and they will not get spoiled for a long time.Moreover, the person has been selling these things for quite a long time. Thus, he carries trust and credibility.

The takeaway

Again, it was an interesting learning for me. I realized that in the rural market, more than the brand, people prefer reliability and trust. The personal credibility creates more magic than advertising and campaign.Since people have faith that the spices are homemade and there is no compromise with its quality, they prefer it instead of buying branded stuff made in some factory.

Amazing, isnt it? Yes, our rural market stores many such amusements!

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