You joined a company as marketing manager and the first assignment you got to create an advertising campaign for product specific to the rural market.

You prepare well, the pitch is superb, and there is no problem in the product. However, strangely nothing works, and it comes out to be a total fiasco.

What could be the reason behind it? What went wrong?

Well, nothing is mysterious in the whole story. The rural marketing is a different ball game altogether. The mindset is different, and you need a unique approach to close a deal. The tactics, tricks, and strategies need to be designed separately.

A few tips to sell effectively

When you work on a strategy for the rural audience, put your whole efforts to make it personalized. The mindset of people living in the rural area is different.

The consumers there get associated with the particular brand or product. The brand loyalty is very high and seasonal factors govern their buying decisions.

Though the literacy rate has gone up as per the official statistics, they still identify a brand by its color, logo or font.

In the backdrop of the given information, here are some tips that will help you in sailing through successfully.

  • Gather sufficient information by meeting people personally. You need to be a frequent visitor in the locality if you want to establish the brand identity. When your knowledge about the market segment and consumer behavior more than your competitor, the probability of success is pretty high.

  • Extend customer education if required. If you are launching a product that they are unfamiliar with, then you need great efforts to establish the brand identity. If you are competing against an established product, then also the battle is tough. You have to draw a rosy picture about your product so that they get lured to it.

  • Involvement is the key to success. Take the project as a great opportunity for building a relationship with your customers. The more closely you work with them, the deeper is the impact. To make a product a big hit in the rural market, you need to put all out efforts.

Dedication, passion, and confidence make a rural marketing campaign a super-duper success. Change your mindset and thinking pattern when you chalk out a strategy for this market segment. Get the pulse of the market right, and you hit the jackpot!

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