It is impossible today to take the business to new heights without including rural market. Yes, once upon a time neglected segment of the Indian economy; today becomes the deciding factor. Marketing managers today spend a significant energy in deriving effective strategies that lure rural population.

With highly charged innovation and creativity, today companies develop incredible ways of taking the products and services to the remotest located person.Yes, it needs a lot of research and analysis, but the results are overwhelming. There have been examples of brands that created history after reaching the high-potential rural consumer market in India.

Here are some useful and impactful ideas to get the attention of the rural audience.

Establish touch points

Well, it is not an idea that needs huge resources. Today, technology helps in building effective virtual touch points if it is not possible to establish physical setup. Mobile phone penetration in India has been phenomenal, and smartphone usage in rural India is much significant than people think.

In such scenario, establishing touch points would be an effective idea.

Using the regional media

Yes, it is more effective to use regional media in the rural market as people connect to the local language more than English or Hindi.It is important to get adequate coverage in the regional media to reach the target audience for better penetration.

Promotion in the movie theaters is a brilliant idea in the rural market. Since there are predominantly single-screen theaters, the cost burden is quite low.

Innovative companies such as Vritti Imedia thought a path-breaking idea of using bus stands for product promotion and branding. Since bus stands have enormous footfall in the rural market, it is possible to reach a large audience at limited cost.

Influence marketing

Though not popularly used, influence marketing could be an effective tool in the traditional rural market. In spite of the influence of electronic media and other new-age tools, people have a great faith on the personal experience.

Influencing buying decision by making use of heads the consumers believe is useful and effective. Many companies create a strong user base that acts as catalysts for further sales.

Using these tools cleverly and integrating it with further effective ideas of amplification, brands, and services can establish a good rapport amongst the rural consumers. As the rural segment becomes a deciding factor, it becomes all the more important not to ignore it anymore.

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