What does Rural Marketing mean? It is nothing but applying the fundamental marketing concepts to cater the needs and aspirations of people living in the small towns and villages. In a country like India, it was a neglected niche until a few decades ago.

Marketing agencies and marketing managers were concentrating on the big cities only, and the whole focus was to conceptualize marketing and advertizing concepts that suited urban population.

However, with the economic revolution in the decade of nineties, there has been a revolutionary change in the overall market scenario in the country. Today, rural market is an integral part (rather a significant part) of the overall marketing strategy, and there is a presence of dedicated rural marketing companies in india such as Vritti Imedia!

Why is rural market a lucrative area?

It is because the rural market is growing at a faster rate than the urban. Yes, the big cities and towns are a saturated market where a large number of products struggle for a small piece of pie. In the rural market, there is a big unexplored market even today.

It is the reason; marketing gurus organize specific rural marketing events in india targeted towards the likes, dislikes, and beliefs of local population. It is a guaranteed success mantra.

When products, brands, and services touch the emotions of rural buyers; the penetration is deeper and long-lasting.

The gap between rural and urban lifestyle reduces fast

Gone are the days when products were limited to specific strata of the society. Today, the things are within reach of every person due to the increase in the paying capacity. In such scenario, rural marketing agencies in india need not design separate marketing campaigns for urban and rural mass.

The gap in the lifestyle is reducing pretty fast, and there is very little difference in the living standard. Therefore, products and services that were limited to the urban sector have become relevant in the rural areas as well.

It is a good sign from the market perspective.

Why do you need a dedicated rural marketing agency?

You need it because there you find experts who know the ins and outs of the rural marketing. Hiring a seasoned Rural marketing agency in pune e.g. Vritti Imedia is a guarantee to success.

By coming out with plans and ideas that touch the heart of the rural consumers; it brings big benefits and high profitability to the clients.

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