Achieving feasibility is a marketing campaign largely depends on what is the audience it is targeted to? When it is well-managed and focus, you reap the best benefit.

Hiring one of the best Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai doesnt make sense if it comes out with some lull and boring stuff. In the highly competitive business world, you cant afford to spend huge money on it.

In the recent years, Vritti Imedia used unusual but effective ideas for their clients. Not only these ideas were a massive hit, but they brought incredible benefits to the clients as well.

Using Bus Stands for brand promotion is revolutionary

Before Vritti Imedia, nobody thought about Bus Stand Announcement Advertising in India. In that sense, it is the pioneer company who thought out of the box and made it a grand success.

Why bus stand? The answer is simple because it is the place where huge crowd visits daily. Moreover, there people spend sufficient time to divert their attention to a service, product or brand.

Since these bus stands are already connected by a centralized broadcasting system where announcements about buses get broadcasted, it was quite easy to design a creative campaign.

Vritti opens the whole new world of opportunities

By introducing Bus terminal Advertising in India, Vritti Imedia added several dimensions to the world of rural marketing. First time in India, a rural marketing campaign makes use of technology.

Also, it is a cost-effective yet impactful campaign where people get focused towards the message. Since it uses the audio-visual network system that broadcasts important information about bus timings and arrivals, nobody ignores it.

Perhaps, it is the biggest reason for its massive success. Initially, the campaign focused on consumer goods, but later several other niches also found it interesting.

Today, the whole spectrum of products and services uses the ground-breaking concept Audiowala busstand.

The unexplored power of Bus Stand unleashed by Vritti

Vritti is the only company amongst btl activation agencies in Mumbai that identified the huge potential of bus stands for rural marketing. Before it, nobody ever thought about it.

However, it started bit carefully by choosing a few prominent bus stands as a pilot project. After the encouraging success, the company extended it to large scale.

Today, it crosses the boundaries of states and covers many states in the country. Every year, new companies are adding to the list. On the parameters of reach and effectiveness, it is sure on e of the most successful marketing management ideas in the recent times.

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