Audiowala Bus Stand The Nation is Listening

There is a saying in Hindi that means, the world will bend the only thing is you need someone who can do it. Vritti iMedia, the leading advertizing agency in India has proved it true. The company is known for introducing new and innovative ideas that are simply unique in the niche.

The team works enthusiastically on each project and derives ideas that work incredibly well. In the last few years, the idea of Audiowala Bus Stand has created a history in the states where it has been launched by Vritti Solutions Ltd.

It is a simple, cost-effective and profitable idea which has not only earned a lot of accolade and applause but also opened a new dimension to the business.

What is Audiowala Bus Stand is all about?

It is a path-breaking idea that makes use of Bus Stand, the second most visited public place in India after Railway Station for a public campaign. Yes, bus service is the backbone of our rural lifestyle. People of small and medium towns and rural areas are largely dependent on it.

They come to the Taluka places or District Headquarters for several personal and administrative purposes. They listen to the bus announcements sincerely and follow the bus arrivals, departures, and timings.

Audiowala Bus Stand encashes the opportunity to promote products, services, government schemes and all other relevant information that is relevant to people.

A well-planned and well-executed program with a solid research

Audiowala Bus Stand is perhaps the most innovative, useful and effective rural campaign that reaches to millions of people daily. The success is not just a fluke, but a result of in-depth research and meticulous planning.

The research team of Vritti Imedia was quite choosy while deciding the region. They picked the states that have the best quality of roads and bus services. Also, these states are more literate, and the level of awareness amongst rural people is quite high as compared to other states.

Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Punjab and Rajasthan are the states where this innovate idea was tried. The bus stands were equipped with necessary infrastructure.

The journey has been overwhelming so far

You need to talk to the people who visit these stands regularly to understand the effectiveness of it. People listen to the announcements with a lot of interest and take a note of every bit of valuable information.

Audiowala Bus Stand proves that our country is transforming rapidly. Things get success if they hit the right thing at the right time!

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