Vritti iMedia took an initiative to support Kannada film industry by promoting the new release film through Audio Nildhana.

Kannada film industry is facing a tough time in the fiercely competitive market like other regional languages.

Audio Nidhana is the effective way of reaching more than 50 Lac people simultaneously. Hence, it comes out to be a superb mode of promoting songs and promos of the latest Kannada movies. Since the songs are played at the KSRTC Bus Stands all over the state, it creates a huge impact.

The songs and promos are played during the break between scheduled bus announcements.

Santheyalli Nintha Kabira film promo, the latest hit

SantheyalliNinthaKabira is a 2016 Kannada movie based on the Hindi play Kabira Khada Bajaar Mein by Bhisham Sahani. It is an epic biopic starring Shiva Rajkumar who played the protagonist Kabir. The movie portrays the life of 15th-century poet. Sanusha and Sarath Kumar are the supporting stars in important roles.

The music of the film is composed by the noted music composer Ismail Darbar. The movie has five songs and six Dohas written by Kabir.

The movie gets the certificate of being in the category of Historical movies and receives a subsidy of 25 Lakh by the Karnataka Government.

The promo includes the details of the film such as star cast, director name, and banner and release date.

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