By, Dhiraj Naik

Its was a routine visit to a client who had just given us a campaign a small one but this one matters a lot as it was a central govt agency and it had given us an order for the first time . Yahhhooooooo amazing feeling ………. When discussing with the Ast Director about the same I insisted him to come and listen to the Jingle on our bus stations .He was reluctant at first because he had some meeting which was scheduled so he decided to send a newly appointed officer to accompany me for the visit .

On the scheduled time I reached the office and I picked up the Officer and we set out for the panjim station which is the biggest and the most buzzing Bus station in Goa. We had to cross thru the Small traffic and the beautiful Rua De querem on th way to the bust station. There was ample parking space at the EDC Patto complex so we did not waste time in Searching for a parking space and we reached our destination.

We reached the station and luckily the jingle for the department started playing when he heard it he checked his time and was happy it was playing as per the time we had promised . He said ” You people are punctual and True to your word with timing hope this is not just because i am visiting ” . I said ” Sir this is possible due to our centralized control room all Advt either Audio or Video are played on time and we also make sure it is played as many times as we commit to you . He was impressed and asked me to show him around the entire station.

I showed him our work stations and how the announcements are made he then told me that he himself is a IT graduate and used to work for a IT company dealing in Networking before clearing Central Govt exam and reaching this point in his career . He also told me that it is very difficult to manage such a big network specially because it is online and everybody has to be on their toes because anything can go wrong. It was easy for a person to know the specialty of our complex technology because he was a person from IT background.

After spending some time on the bus station and giving me some inputs for the next Campaign( Great News ) he said lets go as he was very happy to have a firsthand experience of our system. He also told me after doing campaign with various other forms of media he was happy we are the only one who were willing to share all the info on how the system works and accompany him on site Visit so he could have a firsthand experience of the campaign.

After dropping him to his office he told me “I will give a positive feedback to his seniors an make sure we get more campaigns in coming Months ” . I was very satisfied with his last remarks Because I always new we are doing a great Job in terms of spreading awareness through our media but getting acknowledgement for our Technological superiority was just another feather in the cap…………..

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