Connecting rural India no longer remains a matter of choice but it the need of the day today. Since there is saturation in the urban market, profitability ratio shows a decline year after year. On the contrary, the rural market shows a promising future due to the economic development and increasing awareness. Rural consumers are more conscious about the lifestyle today, and they dont hesitate in spending high.

It is quite obvious that separate rural advertising strategies are being developed to trigger the buying instinct. Big, small and medium-sized companies are busy in conceptualizing ideas that will work well. Vritti Imedia is one of the leading companies in the niche. It has proved the excellence by launching marketing strategies that created history. Each of the projects handles by them got tremendous success.

Vernacular, the winning strategy

Experts who know the tricks and knacks of consumer behavior in India put emphasis on the need of developing campaigns in local languages or dialects. They feel that rural marketing companies in india should speak the language of the masses if they want to reach to the heart of rural consumers.

Marketing companies find it dauntingly challenging to develop strategies in the vernaculars. However, for Vritti Imedia, it is as simple as ABC. Since they have immense expertise in developing ideas using local languages in the past, developing a new idea isnt a big deal for the creative team.

Track record so far

Vritti Imedia has experimented vernacular marketing campaigns to attract rural consumers in the past while managing advertisement in rural areas, and the results were outstanding. Whether it is the much acclaimed Audio Wala Bus Stand initiative or campaigns during Kumbh Mela or Wari in Maharashtra; the preference was always to the local languages. Since the majority of people understand what is being conveyed, connect is much better.

Vritti Imedia is amongst the leading rural marketing agencies in india that use local languages and dialects quite frequently. Since the products are targeted to the audience that belongs to the interior towns and villages, use of local language is inevitable. The local people are not familiar with English.

Vritti could grab the attention of a large crowd by developing brilliant ideas that lured local people. They have a team of experts who know how to manage the things. The campaigns brought by them were highly effective and result-oriented. They made a huge impact in states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa.

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