Do you know about the second largest mode of conveyance in India? Yes, you guessed right, it is the bus network. Though not centralized and structured as the Indian Railways (which is the First Position Holder), it carries millions of people from one place to another. The fleet of state government owned and private buses run within the boundaries of a state and inter-state routes serving the largest chunk of the population in our country.

No wonder, Bus terminal Advertising in India looks a lucrative and promising area to marketing geeks like Vritti Imedia. They see it as an opportunity of providing information to the rural consumers as well as use it for branding and product promotion.

It is a unique initiative

Just to remind you, Vritti Imeada is the pioneer in using bus stands as the opportunity of spreading awareness of social values, sharing valuable information such as weather forecast or traffic congestion in the big towns (where rural people travel for several reasons), or to make them aware of different welfare schemes run by the government.

Vritti Imedia is amongst the top Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai. It is the first company in India that thought about the possibility of product promotion and information sharing through rural bus stands where the footfall is enormous.

The idea clicked pretty well. Vritti got acclaim from clients, rural consumers, and marketing forums. It was nominated and won several awards in several events.

Why do people find it so effective?

Bus Stand Announcement Advertising has been incredibly effective because of two reasons:

  • People pay attention to it because the announcements tell about the bus availability, arrival, and departure. When other useful information is shared with the bus announcement, it is heard attentively. Hence, branding and product promotion become greatly effective.

  • The time people spend at a bus stand is a leisure time when they are free from the worries of day-to-day affairs. It is the reason; they hear the announcements and other useful information with concentration. It is needless to say that the impact is high.

Marketing experts at Vritti Imedia put a great time in research and analysis before coming out with such a path-breaking idea. It is the result of immense efforts. Modern analytic tools and research methodologies were used to determine the success and effectiveness of Bus stand audio announcement.

Post-implementation study shows that it is one of the most effective and successful marketing strategies so far.

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