As there is saturation in the urban markets because of high competition and increased brand awareness, entrepreneurs find the rural segment quite attractive. It is still an unexplored market with a tremendous growth potential.

However, the biggest challenge is to connect to the rural consumers in such a way that they find the product suitable for their needs. Experts say that designing the right campaign is secret to success. Only those rural marketing companies can succeed who can conceptualize the best-fit marketing ideas.

Vritti Imedia is a reputed name in the field of product marketing and branding. It has created a history by conceptualizing Bus Stand Announcement Advertising to promote brands and services. The idea has been appreciated not only by customers and clients but also by critics and industry experts.

A simple yet highly effective concept: Audio Wala Bus Stand

Using bus stand for product promotion is an out-of-the-box idea indeed. None of the btl activation agencies in Mumbai has ever tried it earlier. Vritti Imedia did in-depth research to check the effectiveness and utility before coming out with a detailed plan.

The bus is the second most popular mode of conveyance. Hence, bus stands are amongst the happening places in towns and villages. The central announcement system communicates about the arrival of the buses. Since people pay utmost attention to the announcement, it is a brilliant idea to use it for brand and product promotion.

The project implementation team studied bus services in several states of the country. Only those states preferred where the availability and usage are maximum. Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa, and Karnataka were selected in the first phase. They are known for high quality of roads and bus services.

Vernacular product campaigns are developed to attract the maximum audience. The team chose products and brands that are closely integrated into the rural lifestyle.

Due to such a careful implementation, the idea got a great success. Experts call it the new means of product promotion and branding in the rural market. It is a cost-effective and highly penetrating idea.

It is the best advertising idea

Vritti Imedia is amongst the top Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai. It is a company that keeps innovation and creativity at the top priority. The team goes through a systematic process of research and analysis before coming out with an idea.

The concept of Audio Wala Bus Stand got immense accolade and praise from critics and experts.

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