By, Rajender Chhabra

When important announcements are made in public places, they become a necessity after some time. People get used to it and use the same for public welfare. Vritti Imedia started automatic announcement system on the bus stands. It started with the idea of promoting brands and products, but it has become a useful medium.

Recently, Shri Navkar Hospital of Jaipur used the public announcement system of Vritti Imdeia to create the awareness of their services to the masses.

Shri Navkar Hospital is one of the renowned centers for Asthma and Respiratory Problems in the state of Rajasthan. The campaign was focused on the various treatment methods and their effectiveness. The announcement made a great impact amongst the staff members of transport companies. They contacted Dr Manish Jain, Director Navkar Hospital and discussed their problems. They were diagnosed and treated for the same. As people got benefited by it, there was a big surge in the number of patients visited the hospital.

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation is planning to arrange a camp for the treatment of Asthma and Respiratory Problems at the Sindhi Camp Bus Stand of Jaipur.

Dr Manish Jain informs media about it. “We used the announcement system set by Vritti for one month to test the effectiveness. We were overwhelmed to see the impact of it. Our message reached to almost 100% audience, and they showed a tremendous interest in it. We saw a big surge in the number of patients from the rural areas. They were treated with the best methods.”

“Drivers of the state transport buses are required to drive in the rural areas where the quality of the road is not up to the mark. Over exposure of dust and smoke causes all sorts of respiratory issues, including Asthma. It is the reason; the majority of patients are drivers by profession. We got the information that there are many such patients who are not able to attend the camp because of their professional commitments. Hence, we are planning to repeat it very soon. Even the senior officials of RSRTC also insisted the same.”

Dr Manish Jain told that the public announcement system set by Vritti is not just a medium to promote brands or do marketing activities, but it is a wonderful mode of communication. Not only RSRTC staff, but it can benefit to the masses in future.

(As informed by Dr Manish Jain, Director, Shri Navkar Hospital and Shwaas Center, Jaipur)

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