By, Rajender Chhabra

If you think about the beliefs and traditions in the rural areas, then a great emphasis is given to the Yatras. However, there is another important aspect, the religious programs organized by the ‘Guru’ or ‘Kul Guru’. In spite of the tough (and busy) life of the rural people, they give great importance to the devotion. It makes them special.

These Yatras not only make people proud of the rich cultural heritage if India, but they have also become an effective medium of reaching the customers by promoting the brand, products, and services. They offer an easy and economical way of marketing.

In the Diggi KalyanJi Mela of the Tonk District of Rajasthan, the social facet of brand awareness has invented a unique method of product marketing. ARL Infratech participated in the arrangements during the Mela. The company collaborated with the local administration which made a great impact. Ankur Fiber Cement Sheets, the flagship product of ARL Infratech gets an immense boost after the event.

Vritti Imedia, the cmpany that organized the event on behalf of ARL Infratech arranged free pick-up and drop for differently able devotees, elderly people and patients. The services were extended to the police and other volunteers.

To control the carbon footprint, E-Rickshaws were used in the event. These small battery-operated vehicles were functional in the three kilometers distance up to the core Mela Area. The vehicles displayed about the features and specialties of Ankur Fiber Cement Sheets.

The campaign lasted for five days and it was incredibly successful in creating the positive image of the product and the brand. Also, it was a great help to the devotees, police staff and administration.

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