By, Rajender Chhabra

When we say that education develops the personality, then the traditions and methods associated to it contributed to the development significantly. Do you recall the good old days of the school when Saturday used to be the most exciting day because of the ‘Bal Sabha’? Yes, it was not just a formal gathering in the ground, but a fantastic forum to bring out the talents hidden underneath. Today, we have a plethora of other avenues where students can showcase their talent, but there is nothing comparable to ‘Bal Sabha’!

The tradition revives in the Diggi Kalyan Ji Mela

Recently the famous Diggi Kalyan Ji Mela was organized in the Tonk District of Rajasthan. It is an important religious event that lasts for a week, and thousands of devotees come to attend the event. JK Cement and Vritti Imedia took the challenge of reviving the age-old tradition of Bal Sabha that people do not even remember today. The organizers renovated an old school in the Mela premises into a glorious building to organize the Bal Sabha.

Students from the surrounding villages gathered everyday and organized Bal Sabha with the devotees attending the event. People exchanged ideas and demonstrated their talent. People enjoyed the event with their kids. They shared jokes, sung songs and showed their dancing skills.

There were seven classrooms in the temporary school established by JK Cement. The rooms were decorated with attractive posters about ecology conservation, the importance of the joint family, traffic rules and save the girl child. Ten teachers volunteered in the event. They taught the children and satisfied their queries. Kids enjoyed the event which was full of entertainment and knowledge.

The experience was awesome!

The event continued for a week, and it was a huge success. Not only JK Cement enhanced the brand value, but also established their sense of social responsibility. The school was named as JK Cement Bal Sabha. The event was termed as celebration of education, respect, and entertainment’. Everybody enjoyed and appreciated it. Devotees actively participated in the Bal Sabha along with their kids, and carried the certificate with immense pride.

It is said that it is a tough task to know the mindset of the rural consumers. However, this event was unbelievably successful. When more than 25000 people carried the certificate, these many households established a direct connection to the brand. It is the biggest success of the event.

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