By, Dhiraj Naik

I was just getting into my car when I saw our old neighbor leaving for Panjim, for his usual stroll and to buy his favorite fish. I called him and offered a ride. He accepted the invitation happily as it would save some time on his travel. I was equally happy to extend the help to an elderly neighbor who would bless me for my gesture from the deepest corner of the heart.

We had a chat while driving. He inquired about my workplace. I told him that I work in Vritti I media .He asked me to explain about it further. I explained to him how Vritti helps to promote brand and social awareness by Bus station announcement system. He immediately replied that he has heard the latest Campaign going on for IFFI 2016 and was planning to go today with his grand children for the same.

My life took a full circle to an incident when I had a conversation with a Cloth merchant. He asked me. “Who would listen to your advertisement on bus stand and how effective this medium would be? “

I replied, Sir it will work for your brand and people would listen to it. We would certainly help you in reaching out to the people and your name would be heard.

I was really delighted as I had a firsthand experience of the effectiveness of our media. An old man who is passionate about travelling Panjim to get a tasty fish which he could savor upon over lunch planned to visit IFFI and enjoy with his grandchildren.

This is a very small experience which I had. I would like to emphasize again that our media is very effective. It has been a great tool to reach people effectively. Because Ab bus stand bhi Bol Raha Hain

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