As the purchasing capacity the customers of the rural area becomes significant, marketing geeks cant take it for granted anymore. It is not just a small chunk of the pie but a significant revenue contributor. Since the aspirations, inspirations and intuitions of rural people are different; their emotional triggers are also different. Hence, a unified, generalized strategy wont work.

A few marketing companies such Vritti Imedia have a hunch of it. They know what gets clicked in the rural market. Hence, they are the pioneers in bringing some innovative concepts that nobody ever imagined.

Audiowala Bus Stand, the groundbreaking idea that clicked in the rural market

Advertizing inside the bus is quite common in India, but using the audio announcement system for marketing brands and services was something out of the box. Since bus service occupies the second position in the list of popular public conveyance systems in India (the leader is obviously the Indian Railway), bus stands have enormous footfall across the country. However, bus services arent that efficient in all the states. Therefore, Vritti Imedia took a few leading states where the roads are superb, and the bus services are excellent.

The states chosen for Bus Stand Announcement Advertising were Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Rajasthan and Punjab. Since the majority of them are prosperous and developed state, it was assumed that the return on investment will be pretty high.

The impact of Audiowla Bus Stand in the rural India

The idea of doing Bus terminal advertising in India using the public announcement system has been greatly successful so far. Vritti conducted several research programs to assess the effectiveness of it before implementation. It was found that people listen to the announcements quite attentively. If the announcement system publicize products or services that allure the rural customers, then great results are possible.

By making the intelligent use of the public announcement system, the company not only marketed products, but contributed to the projects of national interest such as Clean India or promoting the use of toilets in the rural areas.

Statistics says that by using this revolutionary concept, Vritti Imedia has overshadowed the leading Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai. Since the focus is to reach every possible target consumer, the announcement system schedules the promotional broadcast in such a way that it maximizes the probability of getting heard. Whether it is unique footfall or repeat, the campaigns attract everyone.

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