When you want to achieve a grand success in the market, it is not possible to ignore the rural market. It occupies a big chunk of the pie, and there has been a tremendous increase in the market potential due to excellent economic growth in India. Marketing gurus say that rural marketing is a different ball game that forces marketing gurus to unlearn the conventional concepts.

All aspects of product marketing have to be revamped and refurbished when you focus villages. Outdoor marketing, one of the pivotal aspects of the marketing plan, isnt an exception to it. In fact, it is quite challenging to design Outdoor advertising in Indian village as compared to cities and towns.

Ways of attracting rural customers by outdoor advertising

As mentioned earlier, rural marketing is a specialized niche; marketing experts are required to brainstorm to find out innovative and creative ideas. Since it needs huge money to promote the brand in small villages, it is furthermore important to keep the costs under control. Here are a few effective ideas of attracting a large number of people by spending less.

Street shows

Have you ever seen street shows in small towns and villages? Yes, they were quite popular in the old days even in big cities. However, they have remained confined to the villages nowadays. There have been examples of the creative and effective use of street shows for marketing activities.

Wall painting

You must have observed wall paintings in the rural areas promoting brands and products. It is quite popular because there are two benefits of it. Firstly, the wall gets painted without any cost which is a good thing from the owners point of view. From advertizing companys perspective, it doesnt require to spend separately for rent. Thus, it is a win-win situation.

Unconventional marketing tactics such as Audio Wala Bus Stand

With the effective and impactful use of creativity and innovation, smart marketing companies have been able to drag the attention of rural people. Vritti Imedia is a company that made history by using bus stands for product promotion and brand building.

It used the audio announcement system of bus stands in some selected states where bus service is excellent. Since the footfall is quite high in these states, the promotional activities were quite effective and useful. With intelligent product selection and appealing ideas, Vritti has been successful in making the best use of it so far.

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